The Seeq SPy module (short for Seeq PYthon) is a friendly set of functions that are optimized for use with Jupyter, Pandas and NumPy.

The SPy module is the best choice if you’re trying to do any of the following:

  • Search for signals, conditions, scalars, assets, etc.

  • Pull data out of Seeq

  • Import data in a programmatic way (when Seeq Workbench’s CSV Import capability won’t cut it)

  • Calculate new data in Python and push it into Seeq

  • Create an asset model

  • Create content using Workbench and Organizer templates

  • Manage permissions on many items

  • Run automated jobs on a regular schedule

Read the User Guide for walk-through descriptions of SPy, its core functions, and its submodules. If you are looking for detailed documentation regarding a specific SPy function or class, refer to the API Reference or search in the Index.